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  • Da es nur ein paar statische Seiten sind - wenn Du dann "händisch" an den Link vom Bild rel="imageviewer" anhängst?

  • Mr.Montesa

    Hey Erik,
    that sounds interesting. Can you describe a bit your setup? I've migrated from Xinha to CKEditor as
    default editor. I've tried to enable the KCFinder, but this isn't straight forward as it seems.
    Any hints for that?

    I have to see how I did the setup icon_smile iirc it was not straight forward, but also not that difficult.
    I have to dig up the config files.


    And what do you maintain with KCFinder? Only images or all kind of files (zip, tar, csv, etc)?

    Hi, in the zk1.2 install with ckeditor and kcfinder only images.


    And last but not least the SimpleMedia integration sounds interesting. How do you use the Editor with SimpleMedia?
    Many thanks for your input.

    SimpleMedia with CKEditor does not have a plugin yet, see
    So this is to be developed. Axel described that he was working on including it in the MOST generator, which means
    that re-generating the simplemedia code could have it in cluded as well.
    I would like to have done it already, but very busy at the moment with non zikula related things.

    Dutch Community, Modules. Nicht so aktiv momentan

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