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Zikula 1.2.8 RC1 wartet auf Freigabe

Bild 0 für Zikula 1.2.8 RC1 wartet auf Freigabe

Auf der Mailingliste wurde bereits am 23. August 2011 gebeten, das neue Wartungsrelease Zikula 1.2.8 Build 17 (RC1) zu überprüfen und freizugeben. Eine finale 1.2.8er wird es erst dann geben, wenn genügend positive Antworten (+1) abgegeben wurde. Dieser Weg der Freigabe dient der Qualitätssicherung. Jedoch sollten dabei auch Freiwillige mitwirken. Das Paket kann übrigens über unseren CI-Server hier #17 bezogen werden.

Aus dem Ticket #3172

Please test build  #17 and decide if it should become the next official release.

Testing guidelines can be found in  Release Testing Guideline

We require three +1 votes to promote this build before the build can pass. Two "-1" votes (with reason) will cause us to fail the build. If this build fails, votes cannot be transferred to the new release candidate, testing must resume from the beginning.

Please do not report bugs in this ticket, only register your approval or disapproval. You must give a reason and reference if appropriate (e.g. link to a ticket) for negative votes.

Please report issues in a separate ticket.

For this particular release phase, please be aware that 3rd party modules may not be up to standard and there may be errors which should be reported to the module trackers individually.

Notes, References, and/or Special Instructions

Do not vote negatively if you find non-release blocking bugs. Minor and major bugs may be scheduled in a future version.



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