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Weblinks 3.0.0 Released!

Weblinks 3.0.0 is released as of 30 November 2012


This new version requires Zikula Core 1.3+

A special thank you to Petzi-Juist - Klaus Petzka for all his work on previous versions. His unreleased version 2.1.0 was a big step in the development of v3.0.0!

If you are willing to make a 'thank you' donation please Send a private message to craigh. Donations are very encouraging!

The following changes were made for version 3.0.0:

- converted to 1.3 standards (including conversion to Doctrine 2)
- removed need for modrequest and newlink tables through refactoring
- added 1.3-style hooks
- css in forms/buttons re-styled to 1.3-standards
- removed all old deprecated tables (votes, etc)
- removed all import routines (import as needed before upgrade to 3.0.0)
- pending content moved to new standard which requires no configuration. just check the box in the admin settings
- added more information to the delete category page so it is clear what is to be deleted
- added additional link validation in places where useful
- add Content plugin to display list of links by category
- add javascript subcategory show/hide to main user view

Version 2.1.0 changelog (not released)
- converted to Gettext
- css has changed to Zikula 1.2 style
- little bugfixes
- now it is possible to change the parent of a category
- import function for CmodsWebLinks
- allow multiple use of an URL
- thumbnails with websnapr



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